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Avoid This Common Mistake When Getting Started with Online Learning

So you’re considering moving your face-to-face learning content online. Congratulations! Teaching online can be a great way to reach new audiences and take advantage of the opportunities created by the latest learning technology. Unless you’ve got lots of experience with online learning, you’re likely feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Don’t worry! Much of what you know about good learning design applies to both face-to-face and online learning experiences. But there is one common mistake many newbies make when first starting out, and it’s crucial that you avoid it.

The Unexpected Reason Why Teaching Online Can Be So Challenging

As a consultant who helps organizations develop meaningful online learning experiences, I find that there’s a lot of resistance towards moving programs that have worked in face-to-face environments into an online-only delivery platform. I hear “you just can’t do X online” multiple times a week. While I reject that any of this is true, I do acknowledge that there is something different about teaching online. It’s a simple difference, but it’s one that has big implications for online learning designers.