Open Classroom Consulting is a boutique learning design studio with over 40 years combined experience in facilitating human-centered design processes for mission-driven organizations. 


Melissa Jones

Founder + Principal Consultant

Melissa Jones founded Open Classroom Consulting in 2008. Melissa is a veteran educator and learning designer with deep expertise across the public, non-profit and for-profit education sectors. Melissa started her career as a Teach For America corps member, and taught for eight years in high needs schools in New York City. After leaving the classroom, Melissa held a series of high-impact leadership roles at College Summit, Adobe, and Her work has focused around designing, building and managing transformative programs for teachers and learners across the globe.


Katie Apone

Content Strategist and Web and UX Designer

Katie is a UX design freelancer who uses content strategy and web design to help progressive causes inspire their audiences to take action. Katie has worked at, the Peace Corps, and other progressive causes for over 7 years to help create great design and content.


Melissa Oldrin

Research & Evaluation

Melissa Oldrin’s work focuses on developing organizations and people programs through community, training and learning initiatives. She applies research, strategy, planning, management, and best practices to organizations at all stages of growth, from start-up to full-scale. Melissa studied research and evaluation at the University of Washington, and currently works with Bay Area organizations including Code2040 and Global Citizen Year.